Orthodox Christianity, also called Orthodoxy, is the original, unchanged church established by Jesus and the Apostles. Its history is too long to do it justice on a single page of a website but there are some good links here to better articles than I could write.

I began my journey to Orthodoxy in college and am now a member of The Orthodox Church in America and attend services at St. Maximus Orthodox Church in Denton, Texas.

If you'd like to learn more about Orthodoxy, I'd suggest starting with the Q&A section of the OCA site and then moving on to reading The River of Fire for a good discussion of salvation theology in the Orthodox faith.

I’ve also created a few tools to help me out. The first is a daily mailing of a scriptural reading plan that my priest has developed for me. It consists of a chapter of Proverbs, a chapter of the Gospels, and two chapters of the rest of the books in the New Testament. If you would like to be added, please e-mail me a request with your full name, e-mail address, and whether you would like to receive the mail in plain-text or with some HTML formatting. The HTML formatted version displays better on mobile devices like iPhones.

The second one is an iCalendar/ICS file which you can subscribe to in iCal on a Mac, Google Calendar, or any other calendar app which knows how to read ICS files. The calendar feed has a rolling three year window of the major feasts as well as the Paschal cycle, so you can see last year’s, this year’s, and next year’s dates on your calendar. If you subscribe in iCal, be sure to enable a refresh time since it defaults to never. The file is updated once a month, so weekly refreshes are fine.