In April of 2001 I got my Amateur Radio license and have been loving it ever since. I now hold an Extra class license with the callsign KØOOK, and operate mostly on 10m, 6m, and PSK31 and RTTY where I can find them (mostly on 20m and 40m).

Due to a small yard and a sincere desire not to annoy my neighbors too much, I run with limited space antennas. My two HF antennas are a Force 12 Sigma-5 vertical dipole for 10m through 20m and 140' of 12 gauge wire strung around my fence and tuned with an Icom AH-4 tuner.

I'm currently running an Icom IC-718 as my primary HF rig with an Icom IC-706MkIIG for 6m plus VHF/UHF repeater work.

If you're interested in PSK31, RTTY, and other digital modes, you're going to need a soundcard to rig interface. I'm using West Mountain Radio's RigBlaster M8 to interface with my computer. I'm running WinPSKse for PSK31 and MMTTY for RTTY. Both are good packages and are free to download.

I've been getting in to the 6m band and have put an M2 6M3 three element beam up on my garage roof. It is about 25' up and works well when the band's open.

When I'm mobile I'm usually monitoring the W5FKN repeater on 145.170(-) 110.9 PL out of Lewisville, TX. There's a fine bunch of people there and we'd love to hear you some time. You can also find me on 10m monitoring the Ten Ten SSB calling frequency, 28.345 MHz.

I QSL 100% via and The ARRL Logbook of the World. But if you need a paper one, please let me know. My QSL info is correct at and the FCC database.