Below you can find some of the add-ons and mods that I've done to my scope. All of these work for me, but don't take that to mean anything. If you do any of these and break something, it's your fault, not mine. If you're unsure of what you're doing here, DON'T DO IT!

PC<-->#497 Autostar serial cable

In order to connect your Autostar to a PC's serial port you'll need to make a serial cable. These directions assume you either have or have access to a crimping tool to attach a jack to the cable. There are some great directions on how to make one without having this tool, but the connections are a little sketchy. I got some of the info below off of the Mighty ETX site:
and have to give credit where it's due.

First, the required parts:
  1. Pan Pacific ADM-9F6-GR RJ-11 to DB9 Female Modular Adaptor
  2. Any 4 conductor telephone handset cable. This is the (usually) coiled cable running from the base of the telephone to the handset. The jack on this fits the Autostar serial port perfectly.
  3. 6 Pin RJ25 Modular Plug. This is the jack that fits the adapter in #1. Radio Shack part # 279-421
  4. A crimper that can handle that RJ25 jack. I bought one a while ago to make CAT5 ethernet cables that also did telephone jacks.

First, take the handset cable and cut one jack off of it. Take a look at the other jack and note the wiring order.

Next, strip a small length of the outer cover off of jackless side of the handset cable. Insert the wires into the center 4 slots of the RJ25 jack. Ensure that they are in the exact same order as the other jack otherwise you're going to have problems. Crimp.

Finally, insert the pins coming from the RJ25 jack into the serial port in this order:
  2. Hole 3
  3. Hole 2
  5. Hole 5

Don't snap the serial port portion of the adaper into the base until you've tested it. Once you're sure it works, cut the three unused wires off so that they don't cause accidental shorts inside the case. Then snap it closed. You're done!

ETX-90EC AC Adapter

If you don't feel like paying for Meade's AC adapter for your ETX, here's what I'm using. It's working perfectly with my scope and Autostar.

Parts list (All from Radio Shack):
  1. 273-1779 12VDC 1500mA adapter.
  2. 273-1717 "N" 5.5mm o.d. 2.5mm i.d.

The Radio Shack AC adapters come with one free jack when you buy them, so don't let the counter guys charge you for that one.

Since the jack is modular, you have to make sure that you connect it so that the center/tip is positive. If you don't, you're going to kill your ETX.