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Patrick St. Jean

1376 Mustang Dr. Lewisville, Texas 75067
+1 (972) 315-2719 (home) +1 (972) 800-2425 (mobile)


    Bachelor of Science, 2006 UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX Phoenix, AZ
    Master of Science, 2012 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT SPRINGFIELD Springfield, IL

    8/2006 – present Verizon Business Irving, TX
    Client Engineer -
    Responsible for top tier UNIX support for client servers and applications including Websphere ND and XD, and Oracle installations.
    Manage and configure the VMware vBlock environment.
    Design, write, and test process automations to improve service delivery.
    Provide technical expertise to customers concerning performance and security related issues affecting the site.
    Create and maintain HPOV monitoring templates for the environment.

    10/2000 – 8/2006 Nokia Mobile Phones Irving, TX
    Specialist – Platform Support
    Implemented BMC Patrol/Perceive monitoring of all UNIX and Windows based servers on the datacenter floor.
    Assisted in developing datacenter standards such as cabling, server labeling, racks, OS installation, and security policies.
    Worked with Finnish counterparts to design, test, and implement monitoring of web based services using Topaz software and the integration into the Tivoli environment.
    Served as backup administrator for the Tivoli monitoring environment in use. Duties included installation of Endpoints and Managed Nodes and configuring monitors and events..
    Designed hardware environment for production and test Tivoli environments using E420R, V480, and V100 hardware and various locally attached storage.
    Implemented Dallas node of LDAP authentication system using Java Directory Server and a load balanced set of Sun V210 servers.
    Assist data center teams with diagnosing and fixing issues identified by monitoring software.

    Platform Support Specialist, Information Management – eBusiness
    Worked on development and implementation of load balanced, high availability e-commerce system marketing cellular phone accessories. Utilized Sun Servers: V480, E6500, E4500, E250, E420r, E220r, Netra, Sun Disk Arrays: A5200, A3500, A1000, D1000, with Veritas Volume Manager, File System, and Cluster Server software.
    Monitored and maintained Sun servers running Solaris 2.6 and 2.7, JAVA, StoryServer, Oracle, Netscape/IPlanet web servers, Apache/Jakarta-Tomcat, Kana CMS, Accrue Insight, BEA Weblogic, EMG SMS gateway, and custom developed payment and fulfillment systems.
    Implemented VPN connections to cellular carriers in the US and South America using SSH and PPP to deliver custom ring tones and other data.
    Installed and configured Veritas Cluster Server installations providing high availability clusters for Oracle and NFS instances.
    Wrote and maintained various scripts for updating data from remote sources such as rate plans and coverage maps and monitoring the performance of the servers and services.
    Kept OS patches current on all systems using off the shelf software and custom written scripts.
    Provided systems level support and technical advice to in-house and contract software developers.

    Prodigy Communications (FlashNet) Fort Worth, TX
    08/1999 – 09/2000 Manager – Operations Engineering
    Systems administrator responsible for implementation and support of enterprise solutions, including disaster recovery, Internet services, backup, security, Y2K compliance, and data center relocation.
    Responsible for all system and network security needs in data center.
    Security audits and intrusion detection tools.
    Facilitated secure, restricted access to production servers for employees.
    Configured and maintained production firewalls.
    Modernized acceptable use policies and their enforcement.
    Hired and supervised staff of three abuse/security specialists to handle spam and other customer issues.
    Major participant in relocation effort of more than 40 Sun servers to new data center with minimal downtime.
    Configured, tuned, and maintained servers running Solaris 2.6 and 2.7, Sendmail, Qpop, Apache, Typhoon, Cyclone, Cistron RADIUS, NFS, DNS, Veritas File System, Volume Manager, NetBackup, ProFTPD, and Oracle. Hardware included Sun E4500, E4000, E3500, E450, E250, E2 systems, Sun A3500, A1000, and Network Appliance F760 disk arrays in fault tolerant configurations, Seek disk accelerators, and gigabit and fast ethernet networks with Foundry, Cisco, and Cabletron switches.

    Larson Software Technology Houston, TX
    05/1996 – 08/1999 Staff Programmer/System Administrator
    Developed and maintained UNIX Network Plotting System server and client applications written using C, Perl, and X11/Motif.
    Developed and maintained numerous printer and plotter drivers.
    User interface developer for Windows applications using VC++ and VB.
    In charge of developing and implementing Windows software deployment strategies using InstallShield.
    Responsible for systems level programming, application porting and general cross platform compatibility issues across product lines.
    Systems and Network Administrator for company LAN. In charge of all UNIX machines. Responsible for backups/disaster recovery, NFS and SAMBA file sharing, setup and configuration of new workstations and PC's, and general upkeep.
    Administer corporate Internet connection, including ftp servers, firewalls, Sendmail, Apache web server, and ISDN leased line.
    Configured, tuned, and maintained cross platform development environment consisting of Suns, RS/6000s, and SGIs.
    Wrote WWW based defect tracking system used internally.